Members with Additional Accreditation

Migration Institute of Australia
Associate Fellows and Fellows

The Institute's tiered membership program launched in early 2012 for MIA Member interested in becoming either an Associate Fellow (AFMIA™) or a Fellow (FMIA™) of the MIA.

The scheme is designed to recognise a Member’s experience, good standing and ethics, enabling career progression to be recognised by clients and colleagues.

The designation of Associate Fellow of the MIA (AFMIA™) is reserved for MIA Members who meet the specified requirements - including, with some exceptions, the completion of the MIA's Assessment of Competency, the Applied Immigration Assessment and Practice Management course - and have held MIA Membership for five consecutive years immediately prior to application; Fellows must have held MIA Membership for ten consecutive years immediately prior to application.

Once admitted, Associate Fellows and Fellows must complete approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or other professional activities above and beyond MARA minimums, to maintain their accreditations.

The MIA Board has approved “grandfathering” provisions to be made available to allow Members with 5 years registration and 5 years membership to apply for the AFMIA if they meet the qualifications, and to allow Members with 10 years registration and 10 years membership to apply for the FMIA if they meet the qualifications.

The grandfathering provisions will expire on 31/12/2017.

Further information is available in the AFMIA Information Sheet and AFMIA Application Form and in the FMIA Information Sheet and FMIA Application Form.

Members who are not eligible for the grandfathering provision will have to complete the MIA’s assessment of competency, the Applied Immigration Assessment and Practice Management Course I for Associate Fellow, or the Applied Immigration Assessment and Practice Management Course II, for Fellow. These courses are being reviewed and rewritten and will be available in 2017.

See below for a complete listing of AFMIAs and FMIAs, or search for these designations within the MIA's Find an Agent function.








John Hourigan

Raymond Brown

Wilson Chan Richard Glazbrook Nimalini Ambikapalan Florence Buegge Borshoff
Nick Tebbey Angela Chan Helen Duncan Juan Tobella Archs Robert Chen Stephen Sinclair

Laurette Chao

Maree Elliot Andrew Cope

Arnold Conyer

Beau Hartnett Rodger Fernandez

Sarah Gillis

Frank Lanza Carina Ford

Chaofeng Guan

Christopher White Jensen Ma

Brenton Halligan

Thomas Drakopoulos

Lily Ong

Sarah Hatch

Angela Julian-Armitage

Sue Rainsford

Neil Hitchcock

Sonia Caton Faye Rouse

Etienne Hugo

Chris Spentzaris

Kevin Lane

James Tan

George Lombard

Amanda Tinner

Mark Webster

Boniface Town

Julie Williams

Grace Xie

Phillip Yip

Alan Yang

Jennifer Kwok

Peter Antippa

Ivan Chait

Michael Kah

Rita Chowdhury








Janet Burke

Merryl Dawson

Libby Hogarth Graham Mander

Gunter Eitzinger

John Galloway

Ivan Chait

Christine Knight Syed Kabir Steven O'Neil

Ronald Dick

David Stratton

Pauline Heng

Yan Yu

Junichi Horie

Sherene Ozyurek

David Prince

Julie Burke

Bronwyn Markey

Jenny Murphy

Accredited Specialists in Immigration Law

The Law Societies of New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia, and the Law Institute of Victoria, operate Specialist Accreditation schemes in several practice areas, including for Immigration Law. These schemes are designed to recognise specialist experience and proficiency and allow the lawyers who meet their requirements to use "Accredited Specialist, Immigration Law" in their official materials and a Specialist Accreditation logo to promote their services.

The Specialist in Immigration Law Accreditation generally requires solicitors to demonstrate five years' experience as a full time practitioner, and three years' experience specialising in immigration law, and to pass an examination.

The following MIA Members are Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law, and can be searched by this designation within the MIA's Find an Agent function.

While the Institute endeavours to maintain an accurate and up to date listing, the nature of the specialist accreditation scheme means that it cannot guarantee this list's accuracy.

All Accredited Specialist Members must confirm their status with the MIA to be listed. Please contact the MIA if you feel there are errors or omissions below. Click to access up to date listings for the individual law societies' rolls for NSW, QLD, SA and VIC.




Lillian Ajuria

Megan Arends (nee Driscoll)

Nimalini Ambikaipalan
David Lee Bitel

Glenn Ferguson

Karyn Anderson
Peter Bollard

Beau Hartnett

Andrew Cope
Laurette Chao

Frank Lanza

Rodger Fernandez
Arnold Conyer

Richard Timpson

Carina Ford
Mary Elizabeth Crock

Benjamin Willis

Rick Gunn

Jane Goddard

Brendan Hillis

David Gu

Richard Hardy

Lena Hung

Paul Hense

Maria Jockel

Rola Hijwel

Don Katugampala

Etienne de Villiers Hugo

Jensen Ma

Charles Johanes

Lily Ong

Michael Kah

Paul Joseph Smith

Kerry Daniel Murphy

Chris Spentzaris

Peter Papadopoulos

David John Prince

David Stratton

Raymond Charles Turner

Rupert Timms

Cherie Wright

Karen Wong

Phillip Yip