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Visa 457 & 186 Training Benchmarks
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Does not employ Australian Citizens & Permanent Residents
Any Industry Training Fund or Scholarship Fund in Australia

We can help arrange Benchmark A for- 2% contribution for any client, any industry anywhere in the country.

Benchmark visa-457-and-186-benchmarks-service
Employs Australian Citizens & Permanent Resident
Training Plans Any Industry anywhere in Australi

Free Training Plans provided in just a few minutes, completely free to you and your client. Commitment of 1% of payroll.

Internal Training
Training Gap Estimation

If your client has been delivering training, and trying to work out what counts and what doesn’t we can do the work for you - free of charge!

Flexible Training Options that don't
interrupt your client's business
Onsite Training

pd training will go onsite to your client anywhere in the country for as little as 1-hour.

online training

Pd training can deliver instructor-led training using our virtual training room - the HIVE.This helps us deliver training any time any wherewithout paying for the cost of trainer travel.


For clients that want to meet the benchmark without interrupting business at all pd training offers 100's of nationally accredited courses by eLearning.


If your clients are already delivering training, but the training is not recognised by the department, we can produce formal training materials so the training they already do will count towards the benchmark.

Free Training Plans
Visas: 457 - 186 - 402
Free Internal Training Audit

Nationwide Training
Options that won’t interrupt business



professional development training

Any Training Benchmark Needs
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