Corporate Membership Plans

The Migration Institute of Australia offers companies with three or more eligible applicants the option of joining at a discounted rate as part of our Corporate Membership program.

Criteria of the MIA Corporate Membership program:

  • Each applicant must meet the MIA membership eligibility criteria and be employed at the same organisation.
  • Discounts are based on the number of members included in the Plan
  • Each member wil have the same renewal date (30 June)
  • Memberships for new employees will be pro-rated, to align with other corporate members.
  • Membership fees are paid by the company, not individuals
  • The program requires a company coordinator to be nominated as a central point of contact between agents and the Migration Institute of Australia.
  • Memberships are transferrable in the event of staff changes.
  • The company coordinator manages all aspects of the program including requests for renewals, transfers, adding new members and deleting previous employees.

If you would like further information on how your company can participate in MIA’s Corporate Membership program please email our Membership Team, with your full name, company, email and phone number.