Standards and Governance

The Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) and its elected officials are guided by the legal framework set out in the MIA Constitution, Rules, Corporate Governance Statement and Board Charter, all available below.

MIA Members hold a further responsibility to their clients and the Australian community to act abiding by ethical professional conduct and in a manner which at all times enhances the integrity of the migration advice profession and the Institute.

MIA Governance

MIA Constitution and Rules

The MIA Constitution is the legal document that sets the framework for how the Institute operates.

Click to download the current MIA Constitution and the MIA Rules

Corporate Governance

The MIA's Corporate Governance Statement sets standards for the Institute's elected officials and consultants to promote professionalism and help prevent conflicts of interest.

Click to download the Corporate Governance Statement and the associated Corporate Governance Board Charter.

Codes of Ethics, Practice and Conduct

MIA Members' Code of Ethics and Practice

The MIA’s new Members’ Code of Ethics and Practice is designed to protect members and the reputation of the profession by assisting agents to maintain the highest standards of professionalism. Its structure of an ethical framework, statements of principles and detailed policy, the Code of Ethics and Practice is a guide to the spirit, as well as the details, in which a professional migration agent should act.

Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority Code of Conduct

The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) Code of Conduct regulates the conduct of Registered Migration Agents (RMAs), and all agents must display this Code of Conduct in their office and reception areas.

Strategic Plan

A dynamic plan to guide the Institute, the MIA Strategic Plan 2024 supersedes its predecessor MIA Strategic Plan 2019 - 2021.

Overall Strategy 2022 - 2025

Detailed Strategic plan for 2024

Detailed Strategic plan for 2024


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